Friday, October 4, 2013

Tecdifera has helped me improve in my walking as well as balance and also helped me get through stressful times without having a relapse.

My column today is about the very sad and emotional month that I've just been through. I've been away because of a death in the family. My aunt passed away Sept 2 in B.C. suddenly and the ordeal was prolonged because she was buried here in Alberta on Sept 21. I know that normally this type of stress would have me shaking in bed. But even though I had many very stressful days I didn't physically get worse.
July 3 is when I began using tecfidera and everything is still improving. I notice little things every day. This was definitely a test and I passed it.
I am starting to do floor exercises at least 3 times a week, plus I also do arm exercises with a pulley ( this is for broken shoulders, not m.s. )
Another improvement is that I don't even use my walker in the house anymore.
The next step I'm going to try is yoga. I've heard great stories.