Sunday, July 28, 2013


I started tecfidera on July 3 and I'm still doing amazing. No more side effects. I have noticed my brain fog has definitely been less. I still have some brain-farts when I know what I want to say but the right words just don't come out.

But hey I know people who don't have m.s. that have this trouble.

Also I've noticed I hardly fall at all. My family notice that I'm much steadier when walking. This has been so good because when I'm doing better for sure I'm not getting as depressed as I used to.

Probably the biggest improvement for me has been in my sleep. I sleep through the night and wake up so rested, I love it.

Hope other angels on tecfidera are noticing some positive changes.

Prayers and love to all angels. See you next week 💕💕

Where My Journey Began

I live in northern Alberta, Canada and just like everyone else I was trying to make a career for myself. I was working at the hospital as a health record technician.

Met my husband Vic in 1979, we married in 1982 and the bombshell came crashing down on December 17, 1985. I'll never forget that "life changing" day!

I had been noticing numbness in my toes and fingers. This kept coming and going. Saw the doctor and he said (because I'd been overweight) oh your probably dieting too much, not eating well. He could think whatever he wanted I knew something was not right.

After some time I got referred to a hospital in B.C.  I was admitted to hospital for one week and many tests were done.  The spinal tap (YUCK) was the test confirming my diagnosis. Remember there were no MRI 's back then.

Devastated and scared because I'd never heard about M.S. before we came home and started a whole new life.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I just started tecdifera. I'm so excited the only side affect I had was some flushing of my face, ears, and neck but this was only after my first pill.

After the pill that evening I only had prickly hot feeling in my forearms.
No side affects after that first day and I've taken pills for four days.

So side affects were okay, now to see how tecdifera will improve my life with m.s.